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a. Non-Governmental Organizations (“NGOs”) Support

Because we believe that NGOs play a magnificent role in today’s society and benefit the whole community, we are pleased to provide the needed legal assistance to the most influential NGOs in Egypt.

b. Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (“MSMEs”) Support

Nowadays, economists believe that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) played an important role in improving socio-economic development of a nation. Hence, for more jobs to be created, poverty to be alleviated, there is a need for the private sector to support MSMEs in several ways.

c. Careers Guidance & Enhancement

The internship program at Riad, Saleh & Partners Law Firm is designed to provide the law students the unique engagement in the legal field with an opportunity to share their insights, to explore the links between students’ academic preparation and their work, and to assist participants in developing and carrying out the major research project which will serve to culminate their internship experience.

Internships are individualized and tailored to the needs and interests of each student in the program. As part of the internship experience, the law students are expected to take an active role through a flexible internship program based on certain criteria, such as;

  • The finished subjects
  • The Active Subjects
  • Previous experience in the legal field
  • Any attended Moot Court or student activity
  • Compatibility among the participants
  • An interest in a specific sector

Number of Batches: 6
Universities: Cairo University, Ain Shams University, British University in Egypt (BUE), German University in Cairo (GUC), and University of Leipzig.


d. Tailored Awareness Trainings

We are delighted to provide tailored trainings for companies’ departments based on their needs, in which we relate and transfer our legal experience to the employees based on our previous work in the industry; in order to avoid certain issues in the future, know how to control the current situation and know the upcoming challenges.

e. Free Consultation