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Governmental Agencies Are Operating Again (With Limitations)

Following the Egyptian Prime Minister Decree no. 939 issued on April 23rd, 2020 to ease the strict measures previously taken to confront the novel Covid-19 pandemic, some of the Governmental Agencies adjusted their policies to re-operate again
with limited services as a first step to fully operate in the near future, as follows:

  • Labour Offices are now open for limited services (including the issuance of expats work permits;
  • Notary Public Offices have operated again for limited services (including date certification for lease agreements);
  • Traffic departments are now open for the issuance of new vehicles’ licenses;
  • Family courts’ sessions started to convene again to decide on inheritance cases;
  • The General Authority for Investment and Free Zones resumed work for limited services and after following certain precautions through pre-scheduled meetings.

Should you need any details regarding the above, please contact us.

Mohamed Saleh

Nourhan Bakeer